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Web design Portfolio


A feature packed website that showcases products with a clean organized and engaging manner with additional features such as a mixology section to spice up the party like a pro and So much more

The Rungo website was aimed at building an engaging presence for the brand in such a way that it highlights Rungo's industry experience values and variety

The website had a built in products catalog organized with backstory unique taste and essential information about each product.

A Rungo Exclusive section, for products exclusively imported to Ethiopia by Rungo
A mixology section, for cocktail recipes and an easy contact form accessible on all pages.

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To Present a grand Company in an expressive yet clean manner took us on a journey of creating one of the feature packed yet easy to navigate website as The Ventum General Importer Website

As A General Importer with a Unique Proposition of a bigger scope of trading, The Ventum General Importer Brand was meant to encapsulate 13 categories of Products aimed at serving SMEs, Manufacturres and Construction Projects. Each Element of the Brand Identity from the Business Name to the Logo and The Website had one unifying objective

Describe the Brand with Out Overwhelming the user

So, the website was built with accibility features to allow the users to navigate between product categories and sections of the website. The website had a built in products catalog organized with essential information about each product and context of use.

the Website allows Ordering Or any further inquiry on a form that is accible on all product pages and on its own Contact us page

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Tech Store

As Part of a rebranding process, We collaborated in crafting an elegant and accssible website that expresses the Bino tech store brand and serve its customers

As Part of a rebranding process, We had the objective of articulating what the store was at the moment while integrating where it came from. The store was offering a clear value proposition. -We provide all things tech with quality, hassle free elgeant manner... As beautifuly summerised by the tagline We Tech Care of You

So the Website was designed to be a one pager where all features are put in a clean and Accessible way

it presents all the relevant information in a hirarchy and includes features such as click to call option a set of service categories, a get direction option that comes in handy when your near by the store and want to see whaere to go to next

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Presenting A Laundry Services Brand that serves both Personal Consumers and Enterprises lead to creating a clean and easy to use website that allows accessing all pertinent information with ease.

Xtreme Laundry, a Laundry Service Provider with over a decade of industry experience collaoborated with the Spectrum Team to expand their Digital Presence. The Project was lead with the priciple of make the information accible in the most accible and consumable manner. The website was designed as a one pager that presents all pertinent information to each section of user base.

We Asked the Owners and a focus group what are the informations they want to know as quick as possible one intersting Finding was the idea that people wanted to know if the shops are open when they wanted to pick-up or drop-off Laundry so we added a feature that shows if the shop is open or closed in addition the Working Hours list.

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